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💥Dog Paw Washer💥

💥Dog Paw Washer💥

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🐾 🚀 Say Goodbye to Dirty Paws!

 The dog paw washer cleans paws with the silicone bristles inside, and as a pet brush for bathing and grooming with the silicone bristles outside.



It is soft and gentle. Made from high-quality silicone it is flexible and resilient, not toxic hard plastic.


🚀 Clean Paws, Anywhere!

Our dog paw cleaning cup is a must-have for pet owners. Hang it up with the convenient hook for quick drying and keep it out of your dog's reach. The soft silicone is easy to fold and squeeze, perfect for on-the-go adventures!


The Paw-Fect Solution!

Keeping your furry friend's paws clean has never been easier. Our paw washer works like a charm for dogs of all sizes and most cats 🐾. Just add a bit of water, insert the messy paw, give it a twist, and watch the magic unfold! It's not just cleaning; it's a pampering massage. And it's so portable, you can take it anywhere your adventures lead. 🐕


🐾 Muddy Paws, No More!

Our dog foot washer cup isn't just effective; it's gentle too. It swiftly removes dirt and mud from your dog's paws, preventing them from tracking mess all over your home. Say farewell to muddy paws and hello to a spotless sofa and pristine floors. No more messy footprints! 🐶🏡


1️⃣ Easy to Use: Simply add a little water and hand sanitizer, insert the muddy paw, give a little twist, dab the paw dry, and repeat for the remaining three paws.
2️⃣ Keep Your House Clean: The gentle silicone bristles effectively remove dirt and mud from your dog's paws, keeping the mess inside the cleaning cup and not in your house.
3️⃣ Convenient: Keep the dog paw washer within reach after trips to the park, walks, hikes, or by your back door, ensuring clean paws whenever they come back inside.
4️⃣ High Quality and Easy to Wash: The inner part of the paw washer is made of TPR, providing a soft and comfortable experience when cleaning those muddy paws. It is easy to clean after use.

🌟 Material: TPR

🎁 Package Included: 1Pc
⭐️ Order now and save your home from the inevitable muddy paw prints after the next rain!⭐️
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